IMG_2435_psPostdoctoral Fellows

Please send a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and 3 references to Arlene Ngor. In your cover letter, please include your future career goals and discuss potential fellowship opportunities.

Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students interested in working in the Chaput lab must first be admitted to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Chemistry, or Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at UCI. First-year graduate students are welcome to rotate through the laboratory and/or attend the weekly group meetings.

Undergraduate Students

Please send an email of interest to Professor Chaput. Include a brief statement of your future goals, an unofficial copy of your transcripts, and times when you would be available to schedule a meeting with Professor Chaput.

Visiting Scholars

The Chaput lab enjoys hosting visiting researchers from all over the world and welcomes those individuals who wish to pursue a temporary sabbatical stay with the lab in sunny California. Please send an email of interest to Professor Chaput, including a brief statement of your future career goals, a resume, and a copy of your transcript. Note that visiting students must obtain their own fellowship funding.